Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not have 10 risky suppliers only the number you have will be listed.
The flags are based on the alert criteria you select for each supplier folder. If the company improves, you will see a green flag (facing left), if it declines, a red flag will be triggered (facing right).
By design an Admin folders' contents is not monitored. It is not a Private or Public Watchlist folder. The purpose of an Admin folder is to house your company suppliers. Since the contents of an Admin folder cannot be monitored, you will want to create your own unique Private Folders to monitor for scores and events that are risky by nature. For example, you could segment the suppliers you work with into subgroups, create a Private folder for each subgroup and apply a different alert configuration to each of the folders to specifically monitor your suppliers for the scores and elements that matter most to the work you do with these suppliers.
Creating private and public folders is user role specific. There are three user roles in SRM: Basic, Admin, and Super Admin. All three roles can  create private folders. Only Super Admin can create a public folder. Super Admin can add all users with all three roles as a user of a public folder, but only the Super Admin can create it.
Do not use 'copy and paste' from the right click options of your mouse. If you do so, the dashes (-) will remain in the  D-U-N-S and that will return an error. It is better to use the Ctrl + V pasting option when inserting a  D-U-N-S. By using Ctrl + V to paste, when you click SEARCH the dashes (-) will be removed and your search will return the company you are looking for.
A folder can't be deleted if it still has users assigned to it. Only the owner of a Public folder can make changes to it and add or remove users. an inactive person is still assigned to a folder, you won't be able to delete the folder. Remove the inactive person first, then delete the folder.
You can't. No folder can be reassigned. Admin folders stay Admin folders, Public folders stay Public folders and Private folders stay Private. If you are a Super Admin and want a Private folder to become a Public one, just set up a new Public folder, apply your desired alert profile, copy and Ctrl + V the list of suppliers and add users. You can then delete the original Private folder (if you own it) and you are set to go. If you are a Basic User or Admin, contact your company Super Admin to take care of this for you.
If you receive an error message referencing the exceeding of limits when you try to add a supplier to a watchlist, you will know you have reached your limit. In order to add additional suppliers you will need to delete some first.
If no watchlist folders have been set up the drop down will not appear and no export option will be available.
The bar graph will remain blank if no watchlist folders have been created. The line graph of suppliers will still appear since it represents the D&B US Portfolio.