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On my Dashboard there is a tile titled 'Top 10 Riskiest Companies', but there are only three companies listed. Where are the others?
If you do not have 10 risky suppliers only the number you have will be listed.
What do the red and green flags mean?
The flags are based on the alert criteria you select for each supplier folder. If the company improves, you will see a green flag (facing left), if it declines, a red flag will be triggered (facing right).
I'm trying to assign Alerts to an Admin folder and it isn't accepting it.
By design an Admin folders' contents is not monitored. It is not a Private or Public Watchlist folder. The purpose of an Admin folder is to house your company suppliers. Since the contents of an Admin folder cannot be monitored, you will want to create your own unique Private Folders to monitor for scores and events that are risky by nature. For example, you could segment the suppliers you work with into subgroups, create a Private folder for each subgroup and apply a different alert configuration to each of the folders to specifically monitor your suppliers for the scores and elements that matter most to the work you do with these suppliers.
I am trying to create a public folder, but when I try to create a new public folder only the option for a private folder is available.
Creating private and public folders is user role specific. There are three user roles in SRM: Basic, Admin, and Super Admin. All three roles can  create private folders. Only Super Admin can create a public folder. Super Admin can add all users with all three roles as a user of a public folder, but only the Super Admin can create it.
I copied and pasted a D-U-N-S number into the Search Bar, but got back an error message. I know this company is available, why am I getting an error?
Do not use 'copy and paste' from the right click options of your mouse. If you do so, the dashes (-) will remain in the  D-U-N-S and that will return an error. It is better to use the Ctrl + V pasting option when inserting a  D-U-N-S. By using Ctrl + V to paste, when you click SEARCH the dashes (-) will be removed and your search will return the company you are looking for.

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