Diving head first and hoping for the best is no way to start or grow a business. Guide your strategy to success by remembering the 3 R's.
Poor quality customer data starves your company of potential dollars. Learn how improving your customer cata quality can improve your cash flow
This 2013 report focuses on the types & sources of business analytics data & DaaS used in big data initiatives, their growth potential, obstacles & ROI
Turbocharge sales performance by leveraging Big Data for richer customer insights, and adopting data management best practices
Winning and keeping customers requires modern data tactics. Marketing must deliver value with every interaction to begin meaningful dialogues that result in sales. Today’s sales teams must be able to share unique expertise – beyond what competitors are offering. To do so, both organizations need access to the same high-quality data and the latest tools.
In most cases, agility can’t be achieved with a minor team tune-up. Usually, it requires nothing short of a transformation.
Don't be fooled by overnight success stories. The odds are against start-up success; 60% only make it to 3 years. How can you avoid being a statistic?
Government agencies can significantly increase revenue performance by adopting Data Optimization and Enrichment best practices to help prioritize cases to investigate.
Use marketing automation + CRM data to navigate the competitive sea and reel in smarter, savvier, and more empowered prospects.
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