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US LifeLine (THE MAX), Billians, American Hospital Association (AHA) 

The Data Exchange Partner Onboarding Process




Data Activation


Api Development


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When a Data Partner joins the Data Exchange platform, a Dun & Bradstreet proprietary service is used to assign a DUNS number to each individual record.  This thereby activates the partner’s data for consumption through the platform


Now with an associated DUNS number, the Data Partner’s data is made searchable and exposed through a RESTful web service.


The Data Partner web service is exposed through Dun & Bradstreet’s unifying API.

A listing is created in the Partners page for the new Data Provider along with documentation.


Consumers are then able to browse, compare, test, purchase and then overlay data and insights from the extensive list of partners in the Data Exchange program.

There are multiple ways to filter the StratCenter data including but not limited to Company Type, Geographic (ST, Zip, MSA, County), Bed Size (Acute & LTC Accounts only), GPO affiliation, IDN Affiliation, ACO affiliation and many more. 
552,979 total records are available for resell through the D&B Exchange.
StratCenter HCO records are verified through a proprietary technology which sources thousands of sites online including gov’t datasets, GPO partners, HCO facility websites and many other healthcare specific partners and then profiles, tags and validates through a QA process bringing 1,000+ updates daily and direct verification of 300,000 HCO accounts per month.
552,972 total StratCenter records linked to a DUNS number.  The total active StratCenter HCO file is 559,972 (98.7% match rate)
Real-Time HCO updates are a critical competitive advantage StratCenter offers compared to all other Healthcare databases on the market. Most government and static HCO databases are anywhere from 12-18 months old by the time they are released so the ability to manage a real-time update process that includes over 1,000+ updates made by our QA team daily and verifyin over 300,000 HCOs per month resutling in the full StratCenter file being reviewed every 60 days!
Billians is a lower level healthcare data provider that primarily relies on annual surveys and mailers to the hospital institutions. Known for their affordable $500 Hospital Blue Book in the past they generally go after the lower priced customer looking for a quick and dirty overview of all the hospitals.
The main differences are:
Breadth of information…we offer close to 600,000 healthcare facilities vs. Billian’s 60,000 (Hospitals/Surgery Centers/LTC only)
Quality Process – thousands of unique sources integrated w/real-time facility verifications daily vs. annual surveys and random update process
GPOs – 280 vs. 75 Billians – Direct GPO Automated Roster Management Collection vs. asking Hospital employee what GPOs they belong too?
IDN Parents = 1,900 or so vs. 600+ Billians – Direct Automated Family Affiliation Linkage Management Daily vs. Survey who they Own/Manage etc.
The key input parameter to StratCenter’s master database starts with the patented StratCenterID. StratCenter uses this to cross-reference all other data in its system, including other industry cross-reference code, such as HIN, GLN, GPO member IDs, etc. Unlike many other of these industry codes, similar to the DUNS number the StratCenterID remains with a particular company for the life of the company, regardless of any name changes, physical location movements (e.g., relocate corporate offices), or corporate ownership changes.
Master Integration of 2,600+ unique data sources, including government and insurance data.