TelePacific leverages D&B insight in their CRM to prospect more effectively for new customers and accelerate sales
TelePacific Communications, based in Los Angeles, Calif., is an award winning network and communications service provider to more than 40,000 businesses nationwide, offering local and long-distance phone service as well as a variety of Internet, networking and hosting services in the Southwestern United States. In the highly competitive telecommunications industry, sales growth and customer retention are major goals for TelePacific.
To continue its high growth rate, TelePacific was looking to transform its CRM from a “Sales Management tool” to a “Sales Enablement tool” by implementing the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and adopting best practices in CRM. As a current Dun & Bradstreet/Hoover’s Online customer, TelePacific is familiar with the value of comprehensive and accurate data for the sales force, but wanted to improve sales productivity and encourage the sales teams to use the CRM as a true sales enablement tool, not just a record of the sales conversation. TelePacific had several goals for this project:
  • Increase sales utilization of the CRM
  • Increase revenue and lead conversion
  • Identify new prospects
In Q4 of 2011, TelePacific implemented D&B360, Dun & Bradstreet’s data-asa- service solution for CRM platforms. Immediately, they benefitted from CRM workflow-integrated Dun & Bradstreet data combined with their CRM customer records. Tapping into Dun & Bradstreet’s vast database of more than 220M companies and 100M contacts, TelePacific was able to quickly expand their prospect universe of key decision makers. New customer acquisition teams use D&B360’s Build-A-List and Look-a-Like tools to pinpoint the best new prospects. By selecting from more than 40 different descriptive criteria in Build-A-List, TelePacific’s sales teams can quickly tailor their search for prospects that fit their particular industry, revenue, size or other criteria.
D&B360 Look-a-like goes one step further by automatically identifying companies that look like TelePacific’s own best customers and allowing the sales team to tweak the criteria to broaden or tighten the search. Now, prospecting is done by the sales reps right from the CRM, increasing utilization and reinforcing the value of the technology investment. Better yet, they can spend less time managing the data and focus more on selling and utilizing current and accurate data from Dun & Bradstreet’s high-quality database.
“ D&B360 arms our sales teams with the data and tools they need to easily pinpoint the best new prospects, and the information they need to connect with key decision makers. The results have exceeded our expectations.”
Rebecca Rosen, Senior Director, Marketing Communications and Training
With D&B360’s Professional Contacts, TelePacific’s sales teams can connect directly with key decision makers at prospect companies, utilizing direct phone numbers, email address information and social media, enabling sales to reach out immediately once a prospect is discovered. With D&B360, TelePacific is no longer only managing sales, but accelerating sales by enabling efficient and effective selling.
“ Using the corporate family tree in D&B360 to identify the best new crosssell and up-sell opportunities in current accounts is a winning strategy.”
Rebecca Rosen, Senior Director, Marketing Communications and Training
Looking Ahead
TelePacific understands the business value of data quality, and their next step is to move all customer data from a custom CRM to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Customer retention account managers will benefit by using D&B360 to know more about their current customers and help them identify new cross-sell and up-sell opportunities within a corporate family. Leveraging the D&B’s DUNS® Number™, which uniquely identifies a company, and the D&B360 Corporate Family Tree, which connects all entities to the corporate parent, account managers will be able to view all of the companies in a corporate family with whom they are doing or not doing business with. They can then hunt for the best new opportunities among different locations and divisions of existing customers. Sales teams will use D&B360 in the CRM to quickly and efficiently identify the key decision makers for these new opportunities within existing accounts, reducing the time and cost of sales and winning more business.
Another opportunity for TelePacific is reducing channel conflict through the elimination of duplicate entries in their accounts, which reduces the value of the data in the CRM. TelePacific plans to start using the automated data management features of D&B360 to remove and prevent duplicates in the CRM, thereby increasing overall data quality and improving sales productivity. All customer information will be concentrated in a single master record within the CRM, which will aid their next significant data project focused on Master Data Management across the enterprise.
Intelligent Insight in Prospects and Customers in Your CRM
  • Enhance prospecting results
  • Drive higher cross-sell
  • Improve sales effectiveness
  • Streamline data management
D&B360 injects valuable business insight directly into the CRM software you already use, giving you on-demand access to company and contact data, social media, news, industry research and more—helping you to accelerate sales and find new targets faster. You’ll see your prospects and customers from entirely new angles with access to this complete information pipeline provided by Dun & Bradstreet.

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