Dun & Bradstreet helps an office supply company increase revenue by identifying home-based business customers for targeted up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
The Customer
Dun & Bradstreet’s customer is a major office supply company with a mix of business and consumer customers. The company sells through retail stores and call centers and over the Web and derives more than 50% of its total revenue internationally.
The Need
Like many sophisticated marketers, this office supplier realizes that the key to increasing revenue is through deeper knowledge of its customers. The company has identified the home-based business market as a key growth area. These customers spend more (on average) per person, and buyers typically buy for both their business and personal use simultaneously. But the company is struggling to identify exactly which of its customers fit this category—which customers are small businesses, which are individuals operating businesses from their homes, and which are pure consumers buying office equipment and supplies for personal use. It aims to maximize revenue growth and ROI through effective segmentation and targeting and to leverage cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.
The Challenge
After first bringing together customer data from all over its global operations, the company starts by identifying a number of goals: first, apply U.S. and global data cleansing so that the customer records it’s starting with are standardized, validated, and enhanced with postal information such as business vs. residence, occupied vs. vacant, deliverable vs. undeliverable, etc.
Then the company wants to assign persistent identifiers such as D&B’s D-U-N-S®Number for businesses and Acxiom’s AbiliTec® link for consumers, to drive de-duplication, avoid mailing more than one direct mail piece, and bring the cleansed data back into its customer data integration (CDI) hub as part of its “Single View of the Customer” initiative.
Finally, the company wants to enrich its original customer data with additional information to drive its targeting of up-sell and cross-sell opportunities in the home-based business customer base.
The Solution
D&B Optimizer – Powered by Acxiom can help this customer by
  • Cleansing its customer records, matching them to widely accepted business and consumer identifiers
  • Enriching them with value-added information, transforming them into up-to-date, accurate, and actionable commercial and consumer insight
Business information from Dun & Bradstreet includes SIC codes, sales figures, employee size, corporate family trees, predictive scores, and hundreds of other variables. Acxiom’s InfoBase consumer information includes age range, presence of children, education, length of residence, and more. Together, these two complementary “external views” can dramatically increase the power of the analytic models that the company’s marketing team built to drive a successful campaign, generate demand, and increase revenue.
When retail companies apply state-ofthe-art targeting and segmentation techniques normally applied to consumers, response rates can soar.
By using the cleansed, identified, and enriched information according to the best practices recommended by Dun & Bradstreet and Acxiom, this company can identify different home-based business subsegments, and can put carefully crafted marketing messages in front of those customers. Through deep knowledge of its customers, their needs, and their probable response patterns, the company can expect to increase revenue from home-based business customers by delivering the right offer to the right customer, maximizing revenue growth while achieving operational efficiencies.
The Result
This customer completes the project successfully and realizes the expected ROI in six months.
Dun & Bradstreet is the world’s leading source of business information and commercial insight on the companies that are important to your business. With insight from Dun & Bradstreet, you will establish and build significantly more profitable business relationships with your customers, prospects, and suppliers—globally.
DUNSRight® is our patent-pending process that transforms business information into commercial insight. The DUNSRight process includes more than 2,000 automated and manual information quality assurance checks, and is continuously enhanced and updated through the Dun & Bradstreet Worldwide Network™. The Dun & Bradstreet Worldwide Network provides comprehensive global information—more than 110 million business records—collected from thousands of sources together with insight and solutions tailored to the local market.
Customers use the commercial insight produced by DUNSRight to establish and maintain a single view of their customers and suppliers, enabling them to confidently deliver the right solution to the right customer, maximizing revenue growth while achieving operational efficiencies.
Acxiom integrates data, services, and technology to create and deliver customer and information management solutions for many of the largest, most respected companies in the world.
In August 2006, Dun & Bradstreet and Acxiom announced a joint product and technology relationship that significantly increases the speed, capacity, and automation capabilities of Dun & Bradstreet Solutions for Customer Data Integration, the critical success factor to enable effective customer relationship management, business intelligence, and sales and marketing execution.
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