Frequently Asked Questions

It might. If normal Office 365 connections are used, you would use the convention <username>@<companyname> But in this case, you may not use this convention. You would have to designate ‘Office 365’ as your Connection Type and use your ‘vanity’ domain name for your credentials.
You must have Security Role D&B Administrator or D&B User defined in order to access the product.
Note: Supported browser information is maintained in the D&B360 for MSD Release Notes.
  • IE8, IE9, & IE10
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Chrome Google
The current configuration will be maintained with Informatica. Both the external D&B360 agent and the locally installed agent will communicate with the Informatica secure agent. Eventually, we are going to migrate batch processing from Informatica to a process written and maintained in-house.
It should take approximately 15 minutes, assuming a reasonable response time, plus the time it takes to configure the system.
No, there are no issues. However, port 5555 has to be opened so that our agent can communicate back to your CRM and the agent URL would have to be added to your browsers’ Trusted Sites.
The only benefit of using the On Premise version is that it is installed locally on your system and you have control of it. There are many more advantages for using the cloud version – there is nothing to install, nothing to maintain, and when fixes are produced, they will automatically be applied by us. You’ll get the benefit of those fixes without having to do anything.
The D&B360 Agent is the workhorse of the product. It performs the overwhelming majority of all the D&B360 functionality. Version 3 has been redesigned so that just a small amount of code gets installed into the CRM while the much larger piece of code is stored in the independent agent. Currently, this agent runs in the D&B cloud, but an On-Premise version is being built.
We would recommend that they do the following:
  • Remove the D&B360 section from the default account form (put it back to standard).
  • Add a new D&B360 form containing the D&B360 section.
  • If you choose, you can even tie the new form to some security role / roles.